Protecting Americans’
retirement savings

Because everyone needs a
helping hand sometimes.

Why retirement loan protection?

Because everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

Custodia Financial offers a revolutionary solution to help participants avoid retirement loan defaults and preserve their retirement savings progress: retirement loan protection.

Loan defaults hurt participants’ retirement readiness.



of participants default on their retirement plan loans after leaving their jobs.1


$1.9 trillion

could be preserved by enrolling participants into loan protection.2



is the average amount borrowers age 55–64 lose in retirement security.2

1 SOURCE: 2018, Deloitte, “Loan Leakage”
2 SOURCE: 2022, EBRI, “The Impact of Adding an Automatically Enrolled Loan Protection Program to 401(k) Plans”


The benefits of retirement loan protection

Preserve participants’ retirement savings progress

Participants who take out loans often do so as a last resort, and they’re required to pay off their balance completely after a job loss, job change, or disability, stalling their retirement savings progress.

Improve employees’ financial wellness

Retirement loan protection is a measurable financial wellness tool that protects participants’ financial security by preventing loan defaults. By offering employees assurance that they are less likely to default on a retirement plan loan, plan sponsors can reduce employees’ financial stress.

Provide means for participants to continue making payments after job changes

Custodia Financial’s retirement loan protection not only covers unexpected job loss; it also allows participants to continue making loan repayments after they voluntarily change jobs.

Retirement at your fullest

How hard could loan defaults hit your plan?

We’ll help you estimate the impact of involuntary loan defaults on your participants’ retirement readiness.

Use our simple 3-step loan loss estimator to find out.