Insuring your retirement savings because your future is worth protecting

Borrow with confidence—and a safety net

Sometimes it makes sense to take a loan from your retirement account and pay yourself back. Unfortunately, retirement loan defaults affect millions of Americans and adversely impact their retirement outcomes. 86% of participants default on their retirement plan loans after leaving their jobs.1 As a result, borrowers lose an average of $300,000 in retirement security.2

Custodia Financial recognized that this crisis is entirely preventable. We offer retirement loan protection, a simple form of loan insurance, that automatically prevents default. More importantly, it allows you to maintain your balance and benefit from decades of compounding and growth.

1 Source: Deloitte, “Loan Leakage,” 2018
2 Source: EBRI, “The Impact of Adding an Automatically Enrolled Loan Protection Program to 401(k) Plans,” 2022


of participants default on their retirement plan loans after leaving their jobs.1

How Retirement Loan ProtectionSM works for you

Custodia Financial’s Retirement Loan ProtectionSM will make loan payments when you can’t. Your retirement plan account could be one of your largest assets, with the potential to grow in value over the course of your career to an amount far greater than the vehicle, or even the home, that you insure. To achieve adequate retirement savings, though, you need to make sure you’re able to repay any loan you borrow from your plan. Retirement Loan ProtectionSM is designed to be affordable, costing approximately $2 per month for every $1,000 borrowed.  

Involuntary job loss

If you lose your job, Custodia Financial takes over your loan payments during the months you search for a new job.

Voluntary job change

Should you choose to change jobs, you can continue to repay your loans through Custodia Financial, maintaining your retirement savings without defaulting on your retirement plan loan with your previous employer.

Disability or death

In the unlikely event that you become disabled or pass away, Custodia Financial will restore your retirement plan account in full.

Protect your financial future

We would be happy to talk to your employer about adding this important Retirement Loan Protection benefit.