Safeguarding Americans’ retirement savings with loan default protection

Driven by purpose

At Custodia Financial, our driving purpose is to safeguard the retirement savings of Americans and improve their financial well-being. We firmly believe that every individual deserves a financially secure future.

Since the Pension Protection Act of 2006, retirement plan industry and policy makers have introduced important plan design and financial wellness capabilities to help workers enroll and save in workplace retirement plans—meaningful innovations like automatic enrollment, automatic escalation, qualified default investment alternatives, and in-plan advice. Custodia Financial has identified a crucial still-missing piece: a safety net for individuals grappling with outstanding retirement plan loans.

In the face of involuntary job loss, borrowers run the risk of loan default, potentially jeopardizing their hard-earned retirement progress. Concerningly, when laid-off or disabled workers default on a loan, nearly 90 percent also cash out their full workplace plan balance. This pivotal realization sparked Custodia Financial’s vision to introduce an entirely new category of fintech capabilities to workplace retirement plans. Retirement Loan ProtectionSM is an automated, quantifiable financial wellness solution designed to prevent retirement plan loan defaults.

Our pioneering Retirement Loan ProtectionSM solution operates seamlessly to prevent plan loan defaults, shielding savings and amplifying the potential for improved retirement outcomes.

For employers looking to move from conversation and education to serious, measurable ways to close the racial and gender retirement wealth gaps, it's hard to imagine a more actionable solution than Retirement Loan ProtectionSM

Advancing DE&I workplace benefits

We’re dedicated to making a meaningful social and financial impact for each and every workplace retirement plan employee. Our solution protects retirement savings and improves retirement outcomes for all participants, mitigating disparities for underrepresented communities that are disproportionately affected by loan defaults.

We are proud to be a NELU diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) certified company and program. NELU is a global DE&I consultancy that specializes in employee benefits and is redefining how workplace benefits are designed, delivered, and measured.