Custodia Financial Announces Free Access to Form 5500 data via becoming the premier location for free loan analysis.

DALLASJan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Custodia Financial, the innovator behind Retirement Loan Eraser “RLE”, today announced that the company is releasing a new website,, as a free tool to the public.  The website will allow anyone the ability to easily search and pull information from qualified retirement plans submitted through the IRS Form 5500. The information is available in an easily understandable format and users will also be able to download original documents submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor. The new site will also provide the functionality of an independent analysis to help better understand the harm of 401(k) loan defaults.

“With all of the recent press surrounding retirement leakage in the current pandemic environment, it is critically important for the public to have insight into the magnitude of 401(k) loan defaults,” said Tod Ruble, CEO of Custodia Financial. “We built the website to ensure anyone can easily access the information submitted by employers with 401(k) plans. Our mission is to improve retirement outcomes by protecting Americans 401(k) loans, especially when they need it most.”

Custodia will continue to develop and release enhancements to the website over time, including additional layout updates and search features.

About Custodia Financial

Founded in 2010, Custodia Financial and its Retirement Loan Eraser program improves retirement outcomes. Retirement Loan Eraser is the only 401(k) loan protection program that automatically prevents loan defaults caused by involuntary job loss. Retirement Loan Eraser repays 401(k) loans in the event of death, disability, or unemployment. To learn more, please visit

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